About Biscuits Bed

Biscuit’s Bed was created for one purpose. Money. We wanted to make a $h*t ton of money, and we thought this is the perfect idea to achieve our purpose.

Jokes! Sort of.

Anyhoo, Biscuit is one of our dogs. She’s our Pug that is 3 years old, and we’re all absolutely obsessed with her. Our other dog is Honey. She is an ancient Bitchon Frise. She’s blind, deaf, and annoying. If she were a person, she’d be the neighbor that you see at the grocery store, but they don’t see you, and you literally pull a hamstring bolting down an aisle so they don’t see you. That annoying. There are two types of people/dogs in this world. One that you go up to and chat with (Biscuit), and one that you shoot down an aisle to avoid (Honey). Very simple folks. Tony Robbins has nothing on me. I’m very inspiring with my life lessons.

Where were we… well our favoritism is so strong, Biscuit has a collar with an airtag (see here),

and Honey probably doesn’t even have a collar. I don’t know. I don’t pay attention to her. Now the backstory of Biscuit’s Bed that is related to the aforementioned. Biscuit has 8 beds. No joke. She has 3 in the master bedroom. They are stacked. Picture a throne… that’s what it looks like. She sleeps on her thrown and snores like a massive lion, and we don’t care! She has one in my office. One in the TV room. One in the living room and 2 at another house we have.

Everything revolves around Biscuit in our household. The one thing that my family can agree on is Biscuit. We are like a symphony of emotion and love for that Dog. We are in total alignment with Biscuit. So beautiful. Well, it stops right there. We really don’t agree on anything else at all. We’re all competitive hard heads, and if you want to be educated on witty cut downs and how to needle another family member…. Come on over and hang out for an hour or two. Wait! We are those neighbors people pull a hamstring running from when they see us at the grocery store! AHHHH! Not really. We’re all awesome. Especially me.       

In summary, we all have joked about our favoritism and love for Biscuit, and how she has 8 beds and Honey has like a towel to sleep on (We do love Honey). With that love for Biscuit and the absurdity of Biscuit having 8 beds, I decided to create a business. That business is of course, Biscuit’s Bed. 

Take a look around our site and give us your thoughts. Sure, you can go on that jungle website and have a dog bed delivered to you in 39 seconds, but that’s no fun and that bald guy with the new girlfriend has done well enough. However, I do love that jungle website. Anyway, thanks for visiting Biscuit’s Bed. You may not find a bed, but you’ll enjoy cruising around our site reading the content. 


Bad Daddy