Going Undercover

$20.00 USD

Raise your hand if you want to go undercover. Not you. Your baby. Everyone dreams of going undercover. How many people actually do? Not many. Most of us don't know anyone that has or is undercover.... or do we??? Wait! What? Anyway, we're off topic. Now your best friend can go undercover every night with the Undercover bed. This bed has a built-in blanket so your best friend can stay warm in those Winter nights, or even during the Summer when your man puts the thermostat on 58 because "he's hot." Not only does this bed have a super plush feel to it..... the sponge in this bed is upgraded to some sort of sponge that is better than a normal sponge..... hence the upgrade. The undercover is machine washable, and will surely be one of your pups favorite beds of all time. We will try this bed for Biscuit, but since she's so freaking fat.... she probably doesn't need a blanket. We'll keep you posted, and may even post a tik tok with her trying it out.