Orthopedic Plushy Plush Sofa (OPP)

$23.00 USD
Type: Other

The Orthopedic Plushy Plush Sofa (OPP) was rated the 4th best dog bed in the world by Green Lawn and Oil Change Magazine. The OPP is Waterproof, Orthopedic (Says it in the name), Easy to Clean, Durable, Non Skid Bottom, Removable Cover and just all around radical. Your best friend will feel refreshed and be ready to attack the day after a nice little slumber on the OPP. We use the word attack loosely.... attack meaning run in a circle for 39 seconds then stop. If your dog is anything like Biscuit, your dog will be snoring in 1.3 seconds upon collapsing into the OPP. 

Are you down with OPP?!!? Yea you know me!