Plush Donut Dog Bed

$19.00 USD

Who likes Donuts? Correct. Exactly everyone. Same goes for Biscuit. Biscuit is trying out one of these now, and so far, the plush donut is a huge hit. We even have one for her sister Honey. Honey is old, deaf, blind and annoying (Other than that, she's great). The plush donut cover is machine washable and is sure to be a hit with your best friend. The bottom is non slip, just like literally every single dog bed we sell. You know how when you go to the donut (Did somebody say joint?), and you know the donuts are going to be good like every other time.... same goes for the Plush Donut Bed. You can't go wrong.   

In case you were wondering, that is not Biscuit in the picture lounging on the blue bed. That pug has well manicured nails. Biscuit does not, because she aint got time for getting her nails cut.