Recliner Dog Bed

$55.00 USD
Type: Other

The Recliner looks like a normal bed that you see all up in this website. However, this bed folds out so your dog can stretch their legs. Gentlemen, when you're sitting on your couch (What are your thoughts about a sofa that has a built in recliner? Redneck or no? Email us your thoughts. This is a hot debate) or reclining chair watching your favorite college football team drinking your 13th beer.... you can put this bed on the couch, and release the straps so your best friend can sit right next to you. This bed is a normal bed and a reclining bed! You and your dog will be Pete and Repeat! 

Washable for when you accidentally spill your Natty Light on the bed, after your SEC team scores their 9th touchdown in the 2nd quarter against Sister Mary Joseph Assembly of Saint Arnold School of Finger Paint Art, early in the season.