Graffiti House

$39.00 USD

The Graffiti House is for the dog owner that's mischievous, edgy or simply a graffiti artist. I've never understood graffiti art. So it's an art that beautifully destroys... I mean alters property that is not ones own property? I guess I don't understand. Anyhoo, this house is festive, colorful and soft. The material is cotton, high quality sponge and arctic velvet. Arctic freaking velvet?? What is that?? Sounds comfy though. The house is foldable and collapses for when you want to take your dog and his bed on a graffiti run in the middle of the night. You can bring your dog along for a graffiti session at the the overpass on Interstate 10, and your dog can just chill in its own graffiti house. Your dog will feel part of your criminal activity. This house is machine washable unlike your graffiti.