Princess Dog Bed

$24.00 USD

Not sure what to say about this bed other than it's fancy and comfortable. This bed is not Biscuit approved. Why? There's nothing fancy about Biscuit. Any dog that has stinky ears, bad hips and snores like a dude does not deserve or need a fancy designer bed. While Biscuit is a princess..... she is not a full on dog princess. She's 1/2 princess, 3/4 redneck. She is not worthy of this bed. HOWEVER, many dogs are worthy of The Princess Bed. This double lace, handmade bow bed is made of cashmere, PP cotton and sponge. Yes sponge. This bed is really soft and will surely give the impression to visitors that your dog runs the show at the house, and truly is the Princess of the household. Sorry ladies. You'll have to take a back seat to the family's little Princess if you buy this one.