Soft Square

$22.00 USD
Type: Other

The Soft Square Bed should be a staple for your dog somewhere in your crib. Biscuit has tried ton of beds and loved many of them..... BUT we can't ever go wrong with this bed for her. She loves the velvet cloth feel and of course the comfort. The Soft Square is Ole Faithful. Can't go wrong. Ladies... this bed is equivalent to that really nice guy that is always there for you, but is not flashy. That super nice guy. That guy that's like a Butler that does everything for you.... waits on you hand and foot.... brings you coffee etc. Basically, the guy that has no chance long term, but is just reliable. Gentlemen, this is the backup quarterback. Everyone loves the backup quarterback, but he has no chance to be the starter. One of my daughters is familiar with this backup quarterback type situation in her dating life. Many of you are familiar with that backup QB situation too. This bed is the bed you buy when you're looking for THAT bed, but can't find it, but need a bed NOW! This bed will hold your dog over for a long time until you find THE ONE. 

PS - I will say..... How I just drew similarities between dating, backup quarterbacks and dog beds is fairly close to genius.