Super Soft Bone Bed

$23.00 USD

Whose dog doesn't like a bed that has a bone design right there on the middle of the bed? Exactly. Nobody. The Super Soft Bone Bed is loaded up with thick PP Cotton. Your best friend will feel as if he or she is sleeping in your arms. If you have arms that aren't toned up and kind of soft from not working out in 8 years.... This is the bed you want for your dog so he or she feels like they're sleeping in your arms and not the bed. Sleeping soundly on a bone? Wow..... just wow. Doesn't get any better for your dog.

The Super Soft Bone Bed has a non skid bottom and is made of solid short wool fabric that's comfortable and breathable. Machine washable, claw and chew resistant. The key word is resistant. If your dog is one of those dogs that when you walk into a room and there's cotton filling all over the place and your dog is sitting in the middle of the room looking all cute and stuff..... we can't help you there. Your dog is going to demolish any bed, resistant isn't going to matter. Your dog is just a chewer. We recommend returning the dog after a year if they don't learn to not chew on everything. Kidding!!! Go ahead and do your dog a favor and give your dog a bone.... Bed.